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This is our C’s Desi Videsi, Chatpat & Spicy menu. Our Desi Videsi, Chatpat & Spicy menu items are unique and mouthwatering to satisfy your taste buds. The pizzas have unique sauces to offer diversity. The spicy, tangy, and sweet chutneys and chaats are also delicious. Try it to believe it.

C’s Desi Videsi, Chatpat & Spicy Menu

C's Desi Videsi Pizzas

Pizzas with unique sauces and toppings from around the world. Meat can be added. We offer a thin crust option as well for the same price.

Item Small Small Gluten Free Small Yeast Free Small Low Glycemic Small Deep Dish Small Zero Grain Medium Medium Deep Dish Extra Large
Chutney & Cheese***
Mild ginger, masala pizza sauce, and cheese. Make it extra spicy with thai chilies, fresh ginger, and garlic or habanero. Any topping is extra.
Okra Masala***
Crunchy masala okra with onions in ginger masala sauce & cheese. 
Mexican Chipotle Pizza*
Corn, jalapeno and onions on Mexican chipotle sauce with cheddar, monterey, and mozzarella cheese. 
Tikka Masala Pizza***
Tikka masala sauce with green pepper, onions, paneer, and cheese. 
Exotic Pesto***
Sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, mint, and basil pesto topped with feta, broccoli, and olives.
Thai Curry Pizza***
Thai curry sauce topped with green peas, carrots, mushrooms, and onions.
Schezwan Chilli Pizza
Green peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Peas & Carrots on homemade Schezwan sauce. 
Chhole Pizza***
Chhole curry on pizza with cheese. 
Pav Bhaji Pizza***
Pav Bhaji on pizza, has Cauliflower, Cabbage,Egg Plant,Green Peppers,Carrots,Potatoes,Onions,Tomatoes & Peas. 
Fiery Pulsar**
Very spicy sauce with studded garlic, Thai chilies, habanero, and cheese. 
Old Style Indian Pizza***
Baked only crust & sauce, then topped with raw veggies and cheese.
Royal Nutty Greek**
Dates, walnuts, and garlic oil topped with feta, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.
Baba-Ganoush Party Pizza - Only Large
Roasted Eggplant cooked in Cumin, Onion, Tomatoes, Cheese & baked. Topped with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Green Pepper, Feta, Crushed & Toasted Pistachios, Sesame. Drizzled with Tahini.  
Falafel Party Pizza - Only Large
Dill flavoured Sauce & crust with Cheese will be baked first. Then topped with All veggies, Ginger Tomato, Garbanzo, Feta, Falafels & drizzled with Hummus Vinegrette.
Chilli Party Pizza - Only Large
Cooked mixed Beans, Yellow Cheddar Cheese, Corn, Jalapenos & garnished with finely chopped Onions & Green Peppers.
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C's Rice, Beans & Lentils

These dishes are made with fragrant Basmati rice, and a collection of beans & lentils.

Item Price
Mixed Bean Bowl & Rice***
Mixed beans cooked in ginger tomato sauce and served with Basmati rice.
Tikka Rice***
Freshly cooked rice seasoned with Tikka Sauce, Green Peppers and Onions. 
Bhaji Rice***
9 various veggies mixed with rice. 
Mixed Beans Bowl & Garlic Bread**
Cooked masala beans served with garlic toast. 
Pineapple Cashew Rice***
Pineapple, Onions, Cashews, Raisins, 5 spices, and Rice.
Schezwan Rice***
Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Peas, Carrots, C's schezwan spice, and rice.
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C's Chatpat Chaat

Tasty street foods of India.

Bombay Vada Pav**
Mild spicy balls of vadas (three) put in a bread pocket topped with garlic coconut and sweet date chutney. 
Pav Bhajee**
A classic melody of nine vegetables (Cauliflower,Cabbage,Egg Plant,Green Peppers,Carrots,Potatoes,Onions,Tomatoes & Peas) cooked with special homemade masala blend in a cast iron griddle. Served with toasted butter bread & salted lemony onions. 
Kanda-Bhajji Pav**
Onion fritters‏ on a sub roll with green & tamarind chutney. 
Veggie Pakoras**
Veggie pakoras made with onions, green peppers, spinach, and fenugreek leaves. Served with tangy dipping sauce. 
Falafel Wrap
Homemade falafels, hummus, sour cream, feta, and fresh veggies in a wrap. 
Masala Flavored Fries**
Shoestring fries topped with tangy masala powder. 
Corn Jalapenos Spicy Bombs**
Same as pakoras but made with corn, jalapenos, and onions (spicy). Served with spicy chutney. 
Ginger Chili Cheese Fries**
Fries topped with ginger chili sauce and cheese. 
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C's Macaroni

Try our new flavors in all kinds of macaroni. We also carry vegan & gluten free macaroni. Please refer to C's Vegan & Gluten Free Menu for more details.

Item Price
Brocolli & Mushroom Macaroni***
Comfort food with brocolli & mushrooms topped with mozzarella. 
Tikka Macaroni***
C's homemade tikka sauce, onion, and green peppers topped with mozzarella. 
Mexican Macaroni***
C's homemade Mexican sauce, onion, corn, and jalapeno topped with cheddar Cheese. 
Ginger Tomato Chutney Macaroni***
C's homemade ginger tomato sauce, onions, green peppers, and peas topped with mozzarella cheese. 
Oh Boy! Spicy Comet Macaroni***
Macaroni drenched in C's super spicy sauce topped with onions, Thai chilies, and habanero. Finished off with mozzarella. 
Schezwan Macaroni***
Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Peas and Carrots cooked in C's Schezwan spices topped with tofu bits & cheddar. 
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C's Wraps, Subs & Salads

Unique items prepared freshly for you.

Item Price
Mixed Beans Wrap
Mixed beans, cheese, veggies in a wrap. 
Mixed Beans Sub**
Mixed beans, cheese, veggies on a sub roll. 
Mixed Beans Salads***
Mixed beans, cheese & veggies.
Falafel Sub**
Homemade falafels & hummus, sour cream, feta & fresh veggies on a subroll.
Falafel Salad***
Homemade falafels & hummus, sour cream, feta & fresh veggies.
Bombay Vada Wrap
Vadas on a wrap. 
Bombay Vada Sub**
Vadas on a sub roll. 
Bombay Vada Salad***
Vadas with fresh veggies. 
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C's Ancient Grains

7 ancient grains (sorghum, quinnoa, amaranth, millet, corn, buckwheat, brown and basmati rice) and 5 lentils all cooked in variety spices and topped with steamed veggies and dry fruits. Serves 2.

C's Satvik Bowl***
Seven ancient grains cooked in Ginger Tomato Lima Beans curry. Topped with steamed Peas, Broccolli and Carrots garnished with Raisins. 
C's Vedik Bowl***
Seven ancient grains cooked with Onions, Green Pepper & Peas Tikka Curry. Topped with Cucumber & Onions marinated with panchforan dressing & garnished with Cashews. 
C's Bodhik Bowl***
Seven ancient grains cooked in Pineapple, Mushrooms, Peas & Carrots curry. Topped with steamed Edamame& Brocolli & garnished with crushed Peanuts. 
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* Can be gluten free

** Can be vegan

***Can be both gluten free and vegan